Can Diabetics Eat Momos? 5 Health Benefits

As a diabetic patient, do you fall victim to missing out on your favorite foods? Well, this is the condition of many diabetic patients. But with the right instructions and knowledge, you can find the best tastes along with healthy options.

Is one of your favorite foods momos, like everyone else’s? Well, it is just the best. But as a diabetic, do you feel unsure about choosing this yummy food option?

Are you also curious about …?

  • Can diabetics eat momos?
  • How many calories does one momo have?
  • Is there a way to make momos healthy?
  • What are the nutrition facts for healthy momos?
  • What are the benefits of eating momos?


These might be some recurrent questions revolving around the minds of a diabetic patient. They are the right questions to ask as these are necessary answers to know about as well.

Veggie causing Diabetes

Today, let us discuss this popular snack option and know about its safety in diabetic individuals’ health.

Let us begin by knowing things from scratch.

What are momos?


Momos are known all over the world as one tasty Asian snack option. It may be known worldwide in different names, but they arouse the same mouth-watering and satisfying feel.

It is a steamed snack with a flour-made outer covering available with a variety of fillings inside. A hot plate of momos with spicy dips and mayonnaise is the perfect match for any foodie.


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It is a dumpling made by steaming. It is a popular and native dish of Asian countries like Tibet, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Northeastern India, etc. This is a traditional food item that has reached all across the globe and is relished in many places and different forms.

Momos are generally made out of nutritious veggie filling and meat, wrapped into thinly made dough covering and steamed for cooking. It is considered a healthy snack compared to other fast-food snack items as it does not contain any oil or calories.

Momos have evolved over time and also modified with the region and influence of cultures and cuisines.

Momos are also available in fried, tandoori, barbequed, and other versions except for just steamed ones.

Momos are usually had savory snacks but sometimes even filled with milk solids and had as a dessert or sweet dish. It is also, at times, paired with noodles, soups, etc.

Whatever be the time, Momos are always the winners of any food choice game. They are easy to make, light, mild, and tasty.

But with all these very many qualities, can it be deemed safe for someone who has diabetes? Let us find out yes or no.

Can diabetics eat Momos?

Can diabetics eat Momos

Well, momos can be a safe addition to one’s diabetes-specific food preferences, if and only if it is had in the proper way.

Wondering what the proper way is? Well, don’t worry, we will answer this question soon.

Momos, as we already discussed, are steamed dumplings with a variety of nutritious fillings inside.

If you are looking for food options that keep your diabetic levels safe and blood sugars under control, you should consider healthier ingredients combined into healthier recipes.

The same applies to momos as well. There are ways to make momos a safe addition to one’s diabetic meals and bring no harm to the diabetic blood sugar levels.

One such ingredient that makes momos a risky item in the diabetic diet is all-purpose flour or Maida. Maida is a type of refined wheat flour, which is high in sugar.

This can disturb the blood sugar levels of the body, which is the main reason for diabetes. Substituting this starch and sugar-rich refined flour variety with whole wheat flours is a great way to keep the body’s blood sugar levels under control.

We will tell you how to use whole wheat and better flour varieties to make healthy momos safe for the diabetic body.

This healthy momo recipe is low in total carbohydrates, fats, as well as calories. It can lead to diabetes control and prevent an excessive rise in blood sugar levels.

Moreover, the best part is that making healthy momos will also reduce the overall glycemic index of momos. This is a great way to manage blood sugar levels.

So how do we make these healthy and diabetic-friendly momos?

Is there a way to make momos healthy?

Is there a way to make momos healthy

Well, a healthy body is a result of healthy eating. Healthy eating is fuelled by healthy ingredients that make the food nutritious.

The simplest way to make momos better for the health is to use all-purpose flour instead of the high-sugar refined white flour (Maida).

You can also substitute the fillings for healthier and nourishing veggies.

Here we have some useful tips for you to make your favorite momos favor your health without compromising any taste:

  1. Use whole wheat flour to make the dough used as the momo’s outer covering or shell. It does not hamper the taste. It is better for the body in several ways and also has lesser sugar and more roughage.
  1. Add high-fiber veggies, greens, and fillings like bean sprouts in the momos to make it nutritionally better. It is necessary to include fiber to balance out the amount of sugar in the body.
  1. Always opt for less oily versions of cooking. In this case, steaming the momos is the best option instead of opting for fried momos. This is an oil-free option and keeps excess fat away from the body. Also, avoid using a pre-fried filling; keeping the filling oil-free is also a key to keep healthy.

Now let us learn the recipe for making these healthy momos.

How to make healthy Momos?


We talked about and discussed the good effects that the body can experience due to the inclusion of healthy versions of momos. But how to make this healthy momo exactly?

Let us find out!


  • Whole wheat flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • Water
  • Pre-cooked broccoli
  • Bean sprouts
  • Ginger paste
  • Green chili paste
  • Garlic paste
  • Sugar


  • Combine the flour with some salt and water to get a soft and smooth dough.
  • Chop the veggies into small shredded portions and add in the spices and pastes. Combine this mixture well to prepare the filling of the momo.
  • Distribute the dough into small portions and roll them out. Add in a spoon of the filling and close the dough by pressing the edges together to make a secure momo shell.
  • Place them in a steamer apart from each other and steam for around 10 minutes. You may even flip them over after half time to ensure proper cooking on both sides.

Serve these hot and healthy veg momos and enjoy.

How many calories are there in one momo?

How many calories are there in one momo

Counting calories is a prevalent way to check the health-factor of a certain food. This is a healthy habit when done in balance and with the right motive.

Are you thinking about how many calories you would gain from consuming momos? Well, let us answer your question.

  • A regular veg momo has around 35 calories. This is a fine amount and does not harm the body. But with the addition of more momos, the total calories rise. A full plate accounts for more than 200 calories.
  • But when it comes to a healthy momo’s calorie count, it is even lower compared to a regular momo. The calorie-count of one healthy momo is only 20. This is a very low number and will not affect health.

Now you would have got a clearer picture of the calories found in one momo. But what are the other elements that you derive from eating momos?

Let us have a look at the nutritional facts of a healthy momo.

What are the nutrients found in healthy momo?

It is really necessary to how and in what ways any food will harm or benefit you. The root of this acknowledgment lies in finding out the nutritional composition of it.

Here is a table representing the nutrients available in one healthy veg momo:

Sl. No. Nutrients found in one momo Amount available
1. Calories 20
2. Fats 0.1g
3. Proteins 0.8g
4. Carbohydrates 4.2g
5. Fibers 0.7g
6. Vitamin A 73.2mg
7. Vitamin B3 0.3mg
8. Vitamin C 2.9mg
9. Vitamin E 0.1mg
10. Folic acid 4.8mcg
11. Calcium 5.4mg
12. Iron 0.3mg
13. Magnesium 7.6mg
14. Phosphorus 23.1mg
15. Sodium 1.5mg
16. Potassium 28mg
17. Zinc 0.1mg

Now let us move further to know what the advantages it can have on the body are.

What are the advantages of eating healthy Momos?

  1. It is low in calories, fats, carbs, as well as cholesterol. Thus, it is good for diabetics, weight-management, heart patients, etc.
  1. The filling of healthy momo makes it richer in vitamin C, which has many immunity-boosting effects on the body.
  1. It contains a lot of fiber. Fiber makes digestion easier and also adds bulk to stools. This prevents problems of indigestion, intestinal issues, constipation, etc.
  1. The quantity of iron in the healthy momo recipe is also enough to make and keep the body healthy. It is great for blood circulation and to prevent the occurrence of various related issues.
  1. It is light on the body and easy to make at home.


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