What is the difference between Glucometer and Lab Test Results?

What is the difference between Glucometer and Lab Test Results

Regular health testing and keeping all the health levels under a healthy margin is very important for one’s body. This becomes more necessary in the case of Diabetic individuals. With diabetes, the body becomes more prone to developing issues that can result in severe health complications over time. Discipline and commitment are major necessities to … Read more

What happens if insulin is taken after food? answered by experts

What happens if insulin is taken after food answered by experts

A lot of times, insulin intakes and injections can be missed due to various reasons. You may have forgotten to take your daily insulin before a meal, overslept, maybe you did not have your insulin injecting kit with you; maybe you ran out of insulin, the insulin pen won’t work, etc. It can be harmful … Read more

10 Best Bedtime Snacks if you have Diabetes

What can a person with diabetes eat as bedtime snacks? 10 best foods

Bedtime snacks are handy to add to your after-dinner routine, especially if you have diabetes. They prevent the chances of suffering a hypoglycemic episode at night and balance the dawn phenomenon and Somogyi effect. It is advisable to consider food items that are rich in proteins, fiber, and healthy fats.  Foods that are very rich … Read more

4 Meats you can Eat if you have Diabetes

What kind of meat can people with diabetes eat

If you are a meat lover, then we understand your urge to know whether diabetes patients can eat meat or not. If yes, then what type of meat can you eat? There might be several questions in your mind that are haunting you. Studies show that you can safely eat lean meat such as poultry,  fish, lean pork, … Read more