Is Papaya Safe for Diabetes? 10 Health Benefits & Nutrition

Is Papaya Safe for Diabetes? 10 Health Benefits & Nutrition

As a diabetic, it is mandatory to include healthy changes in life. Be it your daily meals, day to day diet options, or even healthy food choices. Everything needs a little bit of extra attention and care. Fruits that are usually classified as healthy and nutritious additions to one’s diet can also be questionable when … Read more

Is Muskmelon (Honeydew) Good for Diabetes? 9 Health Benefits

Is Muskmelon (Honeydew) Good for Diabetes? 9 Health Benefits

There are plenty of choices when it comes to fruits. All are very satisfyingly delicious, nutritious, and healthy. They even act as healthy substitutes to fulfill your sweet tooth desires. But are there any fruits that one should stay away from? Especially diabetes patients? Are there some fruits that are extremely recommended and beneficial to … Read more

Is Mango Good for Diabetes? 9 Benefits & Glycemic Index

Is Mango Good for Diabetes? 9 Benefits & Glycemic Index

Fruits are always considered a win-win for health. But does the wonders of fruit on health work for diabetes patients too? There are plenty of types of fruits available out there. Some among them are quite popular and loved by all. The mango is one such fruit. Do you enjoy mangoes? Are you diabetic and … Read more

What is the Sugar Content in Wheat? Is it Safe for Diabetes?


Wheat is among the most basic and commonest grains that are a staple in most diets. But when it comes to diabetes, is this a safe choice to go for wheat? As diabetics, one has to be extra attentive about what to eat and how much. Today we are here to answer some of your … Read more

Is Ghee Good for Diabetics? 8 Benefits and Daily Limits

Is Ghee Good for Diabetics

Controlling food and food habits is very crucial when it comes to diabetes. Newer routines must be set up with altered diets and restrictions to encourage better health that does not have any ill-effect on the sugar levels. To fix a new diet and schedule might be tricky, but that is why we are here … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Butter? 9 Benefits and Daily Limits

Can Diabetics Eat Butter? 9 Benefits and Daily Limits

Butter is known for the wonders it can bring upon the flavors, textures, and smell of foods. Butter is a worldwide favorite and used kitchen item. But is it beneficial to the body? We are here to answer your diabetes-related doubts and questions. Today, let us find out – Can diabetics eat butter? Is butter … Read more

Is Pomegranate Safe for Diabetes? 12 Health Benefits

Pomegranate Glycemic Index- Is it safe for Diabetes

Pomegranate is a well-known fruit all over the world. According to different areas of India, it has got different names such as ‘Anar’ in Hindi and Punjabi, ‘Danimma’ in Telugu,’ Maathalan Rakam’ in Malayalam, ‘Dalimba’ in Marathi, ‘Dalim’ in Bengali, etc. What is the Glycemic Index of Pomegranate? A glass of chilled pomegranate juice will … Read more

Can a Diabetic Eat Raisins? 12 Health Benefits

Can a diabetic eat Raisins

Raisins are rich in sugar, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, raisins have a moderate glycemic index and can create sudden spikes in blood glucose levels. So, a person with diabetes should eat raisins only in moderation. What are the effects of eating raisins is Diabetes? There are mixed opinions regarding this fact. Usually, the high … Read more

How to make Cinnamon tea for Diabetes? 9 Health Benefits


Natural remedies are mostly free from side effects if taken in an appropriate amount. Cinnamon can truly be regarded as a gift of nature in the betterment of diabetes. Cinnamon tea is a convenient recipe for everyone. Morning Tea You can call it a healthy morning potion. Ingredients: ½- 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 cup … Read more

Does tapioca starch spike insulin?

Does tapioca starch spike insulin

Tapioca starch is not suitable for people with diabetes because it can cause a rise in blood sugar levels. It may spike the insulin levels in your body, but it is not adequate to bring down the glycemic load. Tapioca starch is extracted from the cassava plant’s storage roots. There are many health benefits of … Read more