Is Mango Good for Diabetes? 9 Benefits & Glycemic Index

Is Mango Good for Diabetes? 9 Benefits & Glycemic Index

Fruits are always considered a win-win for health. But does the wonders of fruit on health work for diabetes patients too? There are plenty of types of fruits available out there. Some among them are quite popular and loved by all. The mango is one such fruit. Do you enjoy mangoes? Are you diabetic and … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Sapota (Chikoo)? 9 Benefits, Glycemic Index

Can Diabetics Eat Sapota (Chikoo)? 9 Benefits, Glycemic Index

Do you enjoy a sweet or dessert when it comes to food? Well, then, what is a better and healthier option than fruits? One of the commonly known and loved sweet fruits is the Sapota. They are small, sweet, and the favorites of many. Well, are you a diabetic? Are you confused about the fruits … Read more

Pomegranate (Anar) Nutrition, Health Benefits & Glycemic Index


For a diabetes patient, one way to choose safe and appropriate fruits is to test out the glycemic index (GI). Pomegranate(Anar) Glycemic Index – Is it safe for Diabetes? The Glycemic index of pomegranate is just 18, and that of pomegranate juice is 53. It is recommended to take measured quantities of pomegranate fruits/juice to … Read more

What is Toovar Dal? 5 Proven Health Benefits & Nutrition

What is Toovar Dal? 5 Proven Health Benefits & Nutrition

Dal is a daily staple in all Indian meals. It is an essential basic item that enriches the body with a daily dose of various required nutrients. Well, there are endless choices when it comes to your everyday dals. Toovar dal is one of the most common options out there. It is used by various … Read more

What is ridge gourd (turai)? benefits and nutrition

What is ridge gourd (turai)? benefits and nutrition

A healthy diet is the first step to an all well life. The food you choose does not just decide your mood but much more in real life. Including the best nutrients from the best foods is very necessary. Vegetables always come first in line when speaking of good nutrients and healthy food options. One … Read more

What are Cluster Beans (Gavar)? 6 Proven Health Benefits

Health comes first. A healthy mind and body is the key to a good life. In today’s time and age, we often neglect the importance of a good diet with vegetables and nutritious foods. Out there are various options available that can fulfil the needs of the body and help us achieve our health goals. … Read more

Is Pomegranate Safe for Diabetes? 12 Health Benefits

Pomegranate Glycemic Index- Is it safe for Diabetes

Pomegranate is a well-known fruit all over the world. According to different areas of India, it has got different names such as ‘Anar’ in Hindi and Punjabi, ‘Danimma’ in Telugu,’ Maathalan Rakam’ in Malayalam, ‘Dalimba’ in Marathi, ‘Dalim’ in Bengali, etc. What is the Glycemic Index of Pomegranate? A glass of chilled pomegranate juice will … Read more

Is Custard Apple (Sitaphal) Good for Diabetics? 10 Benefits

Is Custard Apple(Sitaphal) good for Diabetics

There is a common confusion in most diabetics about what to eat and what not to eat. Doctors and nutritionists often prefer natural food items, mostly fruits, and vegetables. Custard apple is a pretty good choice in this case. It is native to South America (known as Cherimoya), the West Indies, and some parts of … Read more

Can a Diabetic Eat Raisins? 12 Health Benefits

Can a diabetic eat Raisins

Raisins are rich in sugar, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, raisins have a moderate glycemic index and can create sudden spikes in blood glucose levels. So, a person with diabetes should eat raisins only in moderation. What are the effects of eating raisins is Diabetes? There are mixed opinions regarding this fact. Usually, the high … Read more

Is Makki Roti Good for Diabetes?

Makki Roti

Makki roti is considered healthy for people with diabetes as it is a carbohydrate-rich food item and an energy-rich food item. It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease as well as weight loss. However, it should be taken in moderation, as it comes under the medium glycemic index foods. Food items made with … Read more