Is Sorghum Good for Diabetes? 8 Health Benefits


With the diagnosis of blood sugar issues in the body, all types of food become a questionable deal to the individual. Pulses, every day cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc., all stand as confusing food items. As a diabetic, you may often wonder whether a particular food is healthy or not for the body. Today, we will … Read more

Is Dumpling Good for Diabetes? Health Benefits & Nutrition


The trouble that many of the young and old face today are related to what they eat and how it eventually affects their routine and ultimately their health. Diabetes is one such chronic ailment that is brought on due to health issues regarding food intake and daily routines. But a balance is what everyone needs … Read more

10 Benefits of Palmyra Sprouts (Panam Kizhangu) for Diabetes


A healthy body is achieved with changes that are brought into your daily lifestyle. This is a more effective and better practice for those who have diabetes. In a diabetic lifestyle, consuming food items that help keep the sugar levels under control is necessary. To know what foods are best for health, one must be … Read more

What is ridge gourd (turai)? benefits and nutrition

What is ridge gourd (turai)? benefits and nutrition

A healthy diet is the first step to an all well life. The food you choose does not just decide your mood but much more in real life. Including the best nutrients from the best foods is very necessary. Vegetables always come first in line when speaking of good nutrients and healthy food options. One … Read more

Diabetes: 4 Best Diets to Lose Weight


Diabetes is a disease that comes with some other health complications which are dangerous to the patient. Controlling the blood sugar levels with a proper diet and following a healthy lifestyle is vital for diabetes patients. Increasing body weight is not a favorable situation for diabetes; maintaining a healthy weight helps reach normal blood sugar … Read more

What Can Diabetics Eat Instead of Bread? 15 Healthier Alternatives

What Can Diabetics Eat Instead of Bread? 15 Healthier Alternatives

Many people prefer consuming slices of bread during breakfast, but there are a majority of people who get tired of eating it. So for your healthy breakfast, many food items have a low glycemic index and are safe to add in your diet. There is no harm in adding bread in your diet, but make … Read more

Which vegetables are good for diabetes?

Which vegetables are good for diabetes?

According to a recent research conducted during 2015 to 2019 nearly 30 million of the population in India have been diagnosed with diabetes. In rural areas it’s about 3% of the total population and about 9% of the total population in urban areas. India is known to have the highest death rates with respect to diabetes. Diabetes … Read more