5 Best Artificial Sweeteners for Diabetes, without Aftertaste

5 Best Artificial Sweeteners for Diabetes, without Aftertaste

Going sugar-free is one of the primary needs of managing your diabetic health. Many sugar-free sugars are out there, meant to keep away high-sugar or high-calorie intakes. They are claimed to be safe and better for diabetic health, as well as for weight management. They are advised to be good ways to reduce blood sugar … Read more

6 Best Sweeteners for People with Diabetes


Diabetes patients have to follow a proper diet to prevent the spike in blood glucose levels. Regular sugar cannot be included in the diet as it comes with higher calorie values which will worsen the condition. Sugar substitutes are the product that diabetes patients can depend on their food and beverages. It has low-calorie content, … Read more

Does Stevia Spike Insulin? 5 Best Sweeteners for Diabetes


Stevia is one of the most common diabetic-safe sweeteners. But before we can jump into the details of it, let us know what it is. Does Stevia Spike Insulin Levels? Yes, Stevia does spike insulin levels in the body. However, this is very mild, compared to the insulin response to other artificial sweeteners. However, most … Read more