Which is the Best Atta for Diabetes? 12 Healthiest Options

Which is the Best Atta for Diabetes

Are you a diabetic looking forward to including all the healthy options? Do you want to be sure that your diet includes all safe nutrients starting from the very basics? Looking for a way to keep your diabetes under control from the root? Well, we have some amazing solutions to assist you to work for … Read more

Is Pomegranate Safe for Diabetes? 12 Health Benefits

Pomegranate Glycemic Index- Is it safe for Diabetes

Pomegranate is a well-known fruit all over the world. According to different areas of India, it has got different names such as ‘Anar’ in Hindi and Punjabi, ‘Danimma’ in Telugu,’ Maathalan Rakam’ in Malayalam, ‘Dalimba’ in Marathi, ‘Dalim’ in Bengali, etc. What is the Glycemic Index of Pomegranate? A glass of chilled pomegranate juice will … Read more

 Is Makhana Bad for Diabetes? Benefits and Side Effects

 Is Makhana Bad for Diabetes? Benefits and Side Effects

If you are from India, makhana will be a familiar term to you. There’s a popular fasting dish made from makhana on the auspicious day of ‘Navratri’. Diabetics usually try to follow a restricted diet plan omitting all the fancy high carbohydrate and fatty foods. Makhana or lotus seeds or fox nuts, here, can be … Read more