Is Custard Apple (Sitaphal) Good for Diabetics? 10 Benefits

Is Custard Apple(Sitaphal) good for Diabetics

There is a common confusion in most diabetics about what to eat and what not to eat. Doctors and nutritionists often prefer natural food items, mostly fruits, and vegetables. Custard apple is a pretty good choice in this case. It is native to South America (known as Cherimoya), the West Indies, and some parts of … Read more

Is Vodka a Good Drink for People with Diabetes?

Is Vodka a Good Drink for People with Diabetes

Vodka is one of the purest forms of alcohol with minimal sugar content. Although Vodka has lesser carbs than other forms of alcohol and has a lower blood sugar effect, it makes it an unsuitable drink for diabetes individuals. Let’s discuss this answer and see the exact effects of Vodka. Despite this, it is not … Read more