Does Madhunashini Vati Affect Kidneys? (10 Uses and Dosage)

Madhunashini Vati Diabetes Kidney

Divya Madhunashini Vati, a product of Patanjali Ayurveda, is one of the most sought-after ayurvedic medicine for insulin-dependent diabetes or type2 diabetes. This article aims to find answers to two prominent questions put up by diabetic patients. First, does Madhunashini Vati Affect Kidneys? Secondly, how effective is it in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Does … Read more

Why Can’t Lancet be Used Twice? (Expert Tips to Choose the Best)

Why Cant Lancet be Used Twice

Lancets are part of every test for diabetes patients, even if they perform the test at home or hospital. This sharper needle helps take the blood required by pricking the site from where the sample is acquired. Why can’t Lancet be Used Twice? When the lancet is used repeatedly, the sharpness tends to diminish with … Read more

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Kokum

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Kokum

Kokum juices are a famous delicacy and popular for their refreshing taste as well as many health benefits. The best part is that this is also a great food for anyone with blood sugar levels. Kokum is a traditional fruit of the mangosteen family. It is a commonly enjoyed fruit in the Southern and Western … Read more

10 Best Whole-Grain Crackers for Diabetics

10 Best Whole-Grain Crackers for Diabetics

Crackers are a common go-to snack option. They are tasty, light, crunchy, and come in various flavors that can satisfy our cravings very well. There are a lot of healthy and nutrient-rich crackers out there that you can choose from as well. They can be especially beneficial to your diabetic condition. Keeping the body’s blood … Read more

Will removing Rice and Wheat from Diet Reverse Diabetes?

Rice and Wheat

Today, we will cover a very interesting topic. Rice and wheat are often the major grains had as staples in various diets. But is it still ok for diabetic patients to have rice and wheat? As we already mentioned, rice and wheat flour are easily digestible carbohydrates. They can affect health and lead to several … Read more

What Can I Eat Instead of Carbs in Diabetes? (6 options)

What Can I Eat Instead of Carbs in Diabetes

We will discuss some major and minor nutrients that a diabetic patient can have as alternatives, instead of focusing on carbohydrates aka carbs. 6 healthy alternatives for carbs in Diabetes Sl. No. Nutrients Food options 1. Proteins Pulses, lean meat, skinless chicken, seeds, dry fruits, nuts, beans, etc. 2. Fats Skimmed dairy products, flaxseeds, sunflower … Read more

Which are the Fastest Healing Ointments? (Top 5)

Which are the Fastest Healing Ointments Top 5 Options

Well, if you are a diabetic patient, you might have experienced frequent wounds. The worst part is they heal very slowly and lead to further deepening or spreading of the infection. Thus, it is required to use necessary creams, antibacterial and antibiotic gels, and ointments that promote wound healing. Alongside this, you must also be … Read more