Why is Insulin Considered to be a Steroid? (5 Side Effects)

Why Is Insulin Considered to be a Steroid

Insulin is not a steroid. However, insulin can often be considered a steroid because steroids are chemically made to resemble hormones produced in the body, similar to how artificial insulin is made and injected. Steroids, however, fall under the category of lipid group of compounds. On the other hand, insulin is a peptide hormone, which … Read more

Why can’t Type 1 Diabetic Donate Blood? 7 Requirements

Why cant Type 1 Diabetic Donate Blood 7 Requirements new

In today’s world, diabetes is an ever-growing health condition. It has affected almost half of the adult population of America and people in high percentages in regions worldwide. This is a condition of the body’s blood sugar levels that have a very important function in any individual’s overall functioning. If this is a condition that … Read more

How Much Does an Insulin Pen Cost? Ultimate Guide

How Much Does an Insulin Pen Cost? Ultimate Guide

Maintaining a diabetic body can cost you a good deal. Insulin pens may be one of the major expenses for a diabetic patient. Let us look at some general prices of the insulin pen in different countries. What is the Cost of Insulin Pen In India? Some of the most generic insulin pens in India … Read more

Do Potatoes Spike Insulin? Daily Limits in Diabetes


Diabetes and healthy eating are linked to each other. Healthy eating and keeping an eye on your diet is essential if you have diabetes. Here are various rules to adopt and several to let go of. Everything, when taken in safe and limited amounts, can be useful and helpful for the body. One such vegetable … Read more

Where can I get Insulin Plants? Is it Effective for Diabetes?

Where to Buy Insulin Plants? Is it Effective for Diabetes

Are you a diabetic patient? Are you also very keen on trying everything that helps your health and keeps yourself safe? Well, we understand you and your health requirements. You might be aware of insulin plants. These are said to be effective for treating and managing one’s diabetic health. It is believed that the consumption … Read more

Normal Blood Sugar Levels in India and Common Tests

Normal Blood Sugar Levels in India and Common Tests

Diabetes is becoming the third most common disease driving people to death both in India and abroad. With more than 1 million cases recorded every year, it has become the burning issue of the time to get a hold over this disease which can prove to be fatal if not checked within the right time. … Read more

What happens if insulin is taken after food? answered by experts

What happens if insulin is taken after food answered by experts

A lot of times, insulin intakes and injections can be missed due to various reasons. You may have forgotten to take your daily insulin before a meal, overslept, maybe you did not have your insulin injecting kit with you; maybe you ran out of insulin, the insulin pen won’t work, etc. It can be harmful … Read more

The Top 10 Diabetic Drugs In India

The Top 10 Diabetic Drugs In India

With the advent of new sugary foods in the market every day and a progressively sedentary lifestyle, Diabetes Mellitus is once again on the rise. The pharmaceutical industry is today flooded with multiple drugs for Diabetes. Out of them, we have compiled the top 10 best diabetic drugs in India. About Diabetes Diabetes is often … Read more

Yogasanas For Controlling Diabetes

Yogasanas For Controlling Diabetes

Introduction Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that requires continuous monitoring & control. Yoga therapies along with the medicinal therapies are equally demanding nowadays. Diabetes affects multi systems of the body so it’s mandatory to maintain the wellbeing of the body of a diabetic person. Physical inactivity is the major cause for diabetes as per the … Read more