Is White Chana Good for Diabetes? Answered by Doctors

Is White Chana Good for Diabetes

The white Chana is a good supplement for individuals who have diabetes. Not only that, but it is also one among the recommended food items to be added in the diabetic diet chart. The Glycemic Index or GI is an important measure to determine foods based on their consumption efficiency by diabetic patients. It determines … Read more

Is Pumpkin High in Sugar? Can Diabetic Patients Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Is Pumpkin High in Sugar

Well, Pumpkin is a debatable food item, but all in all, they are considered as a healthy food option to eat, even for people with diabetes. Knowing how the consumption and inclusion of pumpkin can affect your blood sugar level is necessary to manage and run a diabetic lifestyle. The pumpkin is generally low in … Read more

Is Besan Good for Diabetics? 15 Diabetes-Friendly Besan Recipes

Is Besan Good for Diabetics

Besan, also known as – gram flour, is made from grounded chickpeas. It is a popular Kitchen ingredient and very often included in dishes. But is this flour healthy for people with diabetes? Chickpeas are very low in Glycemic Index (GI); it is just 6. The flour made from these that is – Besan is … Read more

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics and How Much can You Eat?

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics and How Much can You Eat

The healthy changes one needs to inculcate in their diabetic lifestyle include regular walks, yoga, and meditation, following proper sleep patterns, taking prescribed medicines and insulin according to doses prescribed, and, most importantly – keeping a check on what to eat and how much of it. Choosing what to eat, the portions to consider, ways … Read more

Can a Diabetic Patient Eat Dhokla? Tips to make it Diabetes-Friendly

Can a Diabetic Patient Eat Dhokla? Tips to make it Diabetes-Friendly

A person with diabetes has to give up on previously savored snacks and dishes usually. This can be challenging for sure, but there are alternatives that one can switch to, or only stick to the low GI items. The Dhokla is one such savored snack, native to the western Indian region, but famous in the … Read more

10 South Indian Foods for Diabetic Patients

10 South Indian Foods for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes brings in a lot of challenges in the daily life of ours. The restrictions and limitations that it comes with can be tiring and often difficult to abide by. But with just the perfect balance in everything and proper schedules to assist the body’s functioning, one can combat this ailment in all the right … Read more

10 Home Remedies for Curing Diabetes. Do They Really Work?

10 Home Remedies for Curing Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where one’s metabolism is affected, and the blood sugar levels in the body experience an extreme rise or fall. Insulin, which is a necessary body hormone produced by the pancreas, is essential to control the blood level’s release and flow of the sugar. If it is not efficiently produced, it can … Read more

Diabetes Diet Chart

salad on white ceramic bow l

Talking about the people diagnosed with any type of diabetes should focus on getting a proper diet. They should take out more time to focus on their diet and exercise They should have 4-5 small meals the whole day. The body should be well hydrated. Must consume 4-5 liters of water per day. They should … Read more

6 Low GI Rice Varieties for Diabetes

6 Low GI Rice Varieties for Diabetes

Millions of people all over the world rely on rice as a staple diet. It accounts for 70% of the total human calorie count. Astonishingly! But millions of people all over the world are also suffering from diabetes at the same time. And as we know, diabetes and rice are the loggerheads. Both cannot go … Read more

What are the Glycemic Index of Basmati Rice & Red Rice?

What is the Glycemic Index for Basmati Rice and Red Rice

For years, the consumption of rice during diabetes has been a topic of hot debate in the medical field. This is also the area of intensive research. Persistent efforts are being made to find out healthier variants of white rice that have a low glycemic index. The commonly eaten white rice ranks high on the … Read more