The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Travel For Diabetics

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Travel For Diabetics

Planning a great vacation with your family or have an important business meeting with your associates overseas?Then being a diabetic, surely you are in the grudges of worry right now and tensed too. Coming up with the ultimate cheat sheet on travel for diabetes is indeed a great idea. Traveling can apparently fluctuate your blood … Read more

How to choose Diabetes-Friendly Shoes?

When the Shoe Fits : Diabetic Footwear

Everyone needs good footwear. But when you have diabetes, diabetic footwear is about more than just fashion. It’s estimated that up to 50 percent of people with diabetes have peripheral neuropathy, a type of nerve damage that affects your ability to sense pain and hot or cold temperatures. And as many as half may have … Read more

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Diabetes Medication

diabetes drugs

Fear, cost, busy schedules—many factors can get in the way of taking your diabetes drugs. Tap into our insider tips to conquer the obstacles and control your health. Anxiety about taking diabetes medication is understandable. You might worry about side effects, the strain on your pocketbook, or the hassle it adds to daily life. If … Read more

Random Blood Sugar Levels Chart In India

Random Blood Sugar Levels Chart In India

India, the country where the prevalence of diabetes is at its peak. According to recently made studies, more youngsters in India are prone to diabetes than in western countries and that too at a very early age. Is it important to know about random blood sugar levels? Why not, nearly 70 million people in India are … Read more

10 Remarkable Anti Diabetic Plants You Should Know About

10 Remarkable Anti Diabetic Plants You Should Know About

Diet can play an important role in the management of diabetes and there are many plants that have been shown to be beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels. In this article, we will discuss 10 remarkable anti-diabetic plants that are worth knowing about. The bioactive components in these plants provide various therapeutic benefits through their … Read more

Can Diabetes be Cured by Ayurveda?

Can Diabetes be Cured by Ayurveda medicines

Introduction Diabetes mellitus, commonly called Diabetes, in Ayurveda, (the science of life) explains Diabetes as Madhumeha”. The prediabetic stage is termed Prameha. In simple words, Ayurveda insists on lifestyle modifications along with herbal medicines & exercises for a diabetic person. The topic is a common dilemma. Let us see, Diabetes is a condition that manifests … Read more

9 Best Ayurveda Medicine For Diabetes

Can Diabetes be Cured by Ayurveda medicines

Ayurveda stresses a systematic way of tackling diabetes. With due consideration of the nature of the disease, chronicity of the disease, age of the patient & the seasonal variation. The medicines are also selected based on the above factors in accordance with the strength of the patient, the constitution of the patient’s body, the digestive … Read more

Is Cucumber Good for Diabetes? 9 Health Benefits

Is cucumber good for diabetes?

Cucumber is a nonstarchy vegetable and thus, the consumption of it in any quantity does not spike up the blood sugar level in the body. This makes cucumber an ideal food for individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 9 Health Benefits of Cucumber in Diabetes 1. Boosts Immunity Cucumber Seeds are known to … Read more

Does Drinking Water Help In Gestational Diabetes ?

Does Drinking Water Help In Gestational Diabetes

Water is a magnificent thing when it comes to health and fitness. As of diabetes, it is no less than an elixir. Never underestimate it’s potential to curb certain health hazards. I repeat, NEVER! The frequently searched question across various search engines is, “does drinking water help in diabetes?”. Yes, it definitely can. It helps you much … Read more

About Beat Diabetes

Beat Diabetes app

Beat Diabetes is an android app created by a team of doctors, under Dr Sharon Baisil MD to help everyone with Diabetes. It was chosen as ‘App of the Year’ on two consecutive years by Healthline and has over 1,00,000 downloads. While struggling to find a reliable aid for your diabetes management process, have you … Read more