Which Glucometer the Best and Most Accurate in India?

Which Glucometer the Best and Most Accurate in India

Diabetes means that you have to slowly take up several preventive and precautionary measures in many aspects of healthcare. It does not just change your dietary routine that helps keep the health and body well maintained, but other steps that accompany the safety of dietary improvements. One such important aspect of diabetes management is keeping … Read more

What is the difference between Glucometer and Lab Test Results?

What is the difference between Glucometer and Lab Test Results

Regular health testing and keeping all the health levels under a healthy margin is very important for one’s body. This becomes more necessary in the case of Diabetic individuals. With diabetes, the body becomes more prone to developing issues that can result in severe health complications over time. Discipline and commitment are major necessities to … Read more

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels Overnight? Is It Possible?

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels OvernightIs It Possible

Our body forms from billions of cells. To create energy, the cells need energy in single units known as glucose. When we consume something, it breaks down into a simple carbohydrate form known as glucose. Glucose gives the energy to our body required daily to perform activities of daily life. Diabetes mellitus A chronic disease … Read more

Can Diabetes Cause Dry Lips? 9 Solutions

Can Diabetes Cause Dry Lips? 9 Easy Tips for Prevention

The answer to this question is simple – Yes, Diabetes can cause dry lips and dry mouth. It is more common in individuals with uncontrolled diabetes. Dry lips and dry mouth are common occurrences in anyone’s life. It is experienced by diabetics too. But the difference is that when a diabetic person shares it, it … Read more

Are Pranayama and Bhujangasana Good for Diabetes?


  Pranayama is the best form of Yoga for diabetics. It is the perfect combination of stimulation and relaxation of the body that brings in proper activity and rest. Exercise is a necessity for diabetics, and so is proper rest. The breathing exercises of pranayama help in fulfilling these needs of the diabetic body. Breath … Read more

Sinocare AQ Voice Diabetes Test Kit Review


Powered by cutting-edge biosensor technology, Sinocare Diabetes Test Kit entails everything a diabetic individual would ask for. Gone are the days when diabetics have to entirely rely on clinical reports for knowing about their blood sugar levels. Today, we have numerous home diabetes testing kits to amplify the comfort level. As advancements in health-tech continue … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Pickles and Olives? 6 Benefits

Can Diabetics Eat Pickles and Olives

Diabetes is a health ailment that affects a good amount of the population. It is a very prevalent problem among children, adults, as well as aged people. There are various restrictions on eating and food habits imposed on one’s lifestyle when it comes to managing diabetic health. It is important to abide by all the … Read more