Is Jaggery Good For Diabetes? 9 Health Benefits

jaggery diabetes

Jaggery, commonly called ‘gur’ in the Hindi language is a traditional sweetener and food supplement in Asian countries. There is a common misconception that jaggery can be safely replaced with table sugar in Diabetes.  However, this is completely wrong.  Jaggery is also a food with a high glycemic index of 86, having the same amount of … Read more

Can I drink Milk with Gestational Diabetes?

Drinking Milk in Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, affecting approximately 2 to 10 percent of pregnant women. This condition can increase the risk of complications for both the mother and the baby, including preterm labor, high blood pressure, and cesarean delivery. [efn_note][/efn_note] As such, it is crucial for women with gestational … Read more

9 Best Ayurveda Medicine For Diabetes

Can Diabetes be Cured by Ayurveda medicines

Ayurveda stresses a systematic way of tackling diabetes. With due consideration of the nature of the disease, chronicity of the disease, age of the patient & the seasonal variation. The medicines are also selected based on the above factors in accordance with the strength of the patient, the constitution of the patient’s body, the digestive … Read more

Is Cucumber Good for Diabetes? 9 Health Benefits

Is cucumber good for diabetes?

Cucumber is a nonstarchy vegetable and thus, the consumption of it in any quantity does not spike up the blood sugar level in the body. This makes cucumber an ideal food for individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 9 Health Benefits of Cucumber in Diabetes 1. Boosts Immunity Cucumber Seeds are known to … Read more

Glycemic Index Of Jowar, Ragi and Other Common Indian Flours

Glycemic Index Of Jowar, Ragi and Other Common Indian Flours

Introduction Diseases are the bi-product of our lifestyle changes. There is an alarming sign that we see a lot of Diabetic patients around us, likewise other disease conditions also. Talking about diabetes, we cannot exclude the term, Glycemic Index. In simple words, the Glycemic index can be explained as the measurement of glucose release after … Read more

Best Indian Foods That Help Manage Diabetes (2023 Update)

Best Indian Foods That Help Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide, with India having one of the highest numbers of cases. 1 Proper management of this condition requires lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and healthy eating habits. In particular, diet plays a crucial role in managing blood sugar levels for those living with diabetes. … Read more

Does Drinking Water Help In Gestational Diabetes ?

Does Drinking Water Help In Gestational Diabetes

Water is a magnificent thing when it comes to health and fitness. As of diabetes, it is no less than an elixir. Never underestimate it’s potential to curb certain health hazards. I repeat, NEVER! The frequently searched question across various search engines is, “does drinking water help in diabetes?”. Yes, it definitely can. It helps you much … Read more

About Beat Diabetes

Beat Diabetes app

Beat Diabetes is an android app created by a team of doctors, under Dr Sharon Baisil MD to help everyone with Diabetes. It was chosen as ‘App of the Year’ on two consecutive years by Healthline and has over 1,00,000 downloads. While struggling to find a reliable aid for your diabetes management process, have you … Read more

Yogasanas For Controlling Diabetes

Yogasanas For Controlling Diabetes

Introduction Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that requires continuous monitoring & control. Yoga therapies along with the medicinal therapies are equally demanding nowadays. Diabetes affects multi systems of the body so it’s mandatory to maintain the wellbeing of the body of a diabetic person. Physical inactivity is the major cause for diabetes as per the … Read more