Can Diabetics Eat Pani Puri? Try this Healthy Low-Carb version

Can Diabetics Eat Pani Puri

Pani puri – the street food that rules the heart of every Indian. But can people with diabetes eat pani-puri? We will discuss this today. As always, being a diabetic means concerning every food you put your finger on to. Now, Pani puri is not a preferred food item for people with diabetes. Doctors don’t … Read more

5 Glucometers that gives the Most Accurate Results In 2020


Diabetes has become a common disease among the people, an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise have boosted the rate of disease. Most adults get affected by this disease; the condition arises as the blood glucose levels have a rapid increase. Certain complications can be there for diabetes patients as an aftereffect of the disease; … Read more

Glycemic Index Of South Indian Foods- The Ultimate List

Glycemic Index Of South Indian Foods- The Ultimate List

Diabetes is increasing at rapid rates in south India. If we look at the lifestyle of people living in this region, it is no surprise to find out why this epidemic is soaring here. The proportion of people with both diabetes and prediabetes is continuing to rise steadily for the last 30 years. It is … Read more