5 Glucometers that gives the Most Accurate Results In 2020

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Diabetes has become a common disease among the people, an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise have boosted the rate of disease. Most adults get affected by this disease; the condition arises as the blood glucose levels have a rapid increase.

Certain complications can be there for diabetes patients as an aftereffect of the disease; proper medication is required after consulting a physician. But to an extent, diabetes control can be managed with adapting a good lifestyle and diet.

For balancing your daily life to regulate diabetes, you will have to check the blood sugar levels frequently, but testing at the lab always may be difficult for the patients. A glucometer is the best solution for this problem as it gives accurate blood glucose levels quickly at home.

Monitoring the sugar levels in the blood helps to avoid the complications of diabetes as you get to know the values regularly. For diabetes patients, it is essential to have a glucometer at home so that they can do the test without spending money each time.

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Here are five glucometers that help diabetes patients with accurate values:

1. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

This is one of the most preferred glucometers in the market, which gives faster results without much effort. People choose to purchase this product as it offers reasonable prices.

In a single pack, there are ten strips for checking the blood sugar levels in the user; results will be obtained within seconds. It also has the feature allowing the user to complete the testing of blood by placing the sample on the strip in the glucometer.

The device can store 750 samples maximum, and the recorded quantities can be transferred to other devices. Precise control of the blood glucose level is possible with the frequent use of this product.


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The accuracy in results is high in this device; the manufacturers offer proper functionality. Users can test themselves without taking help; this product is designed for secure handling.

This glucometer has a range of 9 color indicators to alert the user about the current diabetes condition. Red is used for mentioning low, green for normal, and blue for the high levels.

Accu-Check Instant S Glucometer is available for online purchase from here

2. Dr Trust Glucometer Machine

Dr Trust Glucometer Machine

This is a fully automated blood sugar testing glucometer increasing the easiness of the user to use the product. It comes with the LCD screen that displays the values which help the user to get the readings.

Similar to other glucometers in the market, this product also gives results of the test within seconds. The blood sample required for this testing is less than other glucometers, which is an additional feature.

Patients can use the blood sample taken from fingertips, forearms, upper arm, calf, and thigh for testing the blood glucose levels. Accurate results are obtained as the glucometer utilizes the GDH-FDA strip enzyme technology.

With the help of this technology, the interference of the oxygen, galactose, and maltose in the blood sample can be avoided. Different modes are there for the glucometer, depending on the time when the sample is inserted.

Ac mode is used to check the blood glucose levels on an empty stomach, to do the test after meals and general mode for taking readings throughout the day. Ketone levels can also be known from the device as it has the ketone alert feature.

This glucometer kit has 60 strips and 60 lancets, which prevents the user from getting a new set of products frequently. The strips offer longevity of 2yrs, while lancets can last up to 5yrs, which is an advantage to the user.

Dr Trust Glucometer machine is available for online purchase from here

3. Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucometer

Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucometer

The user can completely depend on this glucometer for the accurate results on their frequent testing of blood sugar levels. Ergonomic design with the most stylish appearance attracts the customers.

The product comes at a reasonable price that is affordable by the diabetes patients. The features and functionalities of this glucometer gives accurate results within seconds without much effort.

Alert signals are received by the user with a beep sound if the blood sugar levels face a sudden rise or fall of values. Tracking of the values are easily done with the help of LCD that comes incorporated with the glucometer.

The product comes with 25 test strips and lancets for making the test easier for the user. Glucometer has the ability to store the details about previous 300 results as it has the feature of inbuilt memory.

Regular testing of blood samples with this glucometer helps the diabetes patients to control the levels to normal, also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Only a small quantity of blood is required for completing the test in user.

Dr Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucometer is available for online purchase from here

4. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

If you are in search for a glucometer from the best brand at an affordable price, this is a good choice. Accurate results are obtained each time when the blood glucose levels are measured of the user.

It helps the people suffering from the diabetes for a longer time to follow a healthy lifestyle by monitoring the sugar levels of blood frequently. Test can be completed within a few seconds no time of the user will be wasted unlike the traditional testing practise.

The product pack will have a battery, carrying case, lancing device, sterile lancets, starter guide and one touch glucometer when purchased. Lower or higher levels of the blood glucose alerts the patients with audio and visual feature of the system.

If the indicator gives blue colour is means that patient has lower levels and red shows the higher levels of blood sugar. Medication for the diabetes can be determined according to the test results obtained.

The product will have 10 strips for the testing, strip is inserted into the glucometer and blood sample is placed. Customers prefer this product as it is easy to handle and operate monitoring their diabetes levels frequently.

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer is available for online purchase from here

5. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

This is a high-quality product attracting the attention of the customers with the advanced features. Smartphone integration and longer battery life makes this glucometer unique from other similar products.

Design of this glucometer is made smaller and simple for the easy handling of the users. Sudden changes in your blood sugar levels can be monitored to provide the suitable medication to the patients.

Display of the glucometer shows the sugar level along with the date and time of testing, it gives accurate results. Smaller blood sample is required for the test using glucometer, when it is completed the product must be stored at suitable temperature.

This is considered as the best performing glucometers available in the market, can complete 4000 tests on a scale due to the high performance of battery. Efficiency of this glucometer is high giving faster results it follows certain standards and has certifications.

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer is available for online purchase from here

How to use a glucometer to check the blood sugar levels?

Glucometer is the product which helps the diabetes patients to know their blood sugar levels easily without much effort. After getting the product the user has to prick the finger using a new needle to get blood sample.

The drop of blood is extracted to be put on the glucometer strip which is a part of the glucometer kit. This strip is inserted to the glucometer to get the sugar levels in the blood of the patient, results are obtained with some seconds.

When this product helps the user to know the changes in the blood glucose levels regularly, the dosage of medicine can be fixed accordingly. This helps the person to maintain a healthy control over the diabetes.

Glucometers nowadays comes with easy handling feature giving the accurate results. Test time, blood sample, data storage, coding, markers, battery, lancet, size and warranty are some factors that the customer should consider while purchasing the product.

Final thoughts

People having diabetes are increasing, proper medication is required to control the disease to normal level. Frequent testing of blood glucose levels needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Traditional tests done in labs or hospitals takes much effort and wastage of time waiting for your turn. Glucometer makes this task easier as test can be completed by the patient themselves without the help of others.

Advancements in the design of the glucometer are visible in the market, apart from alerting the user regarding the readings it also has the facility to store the previous results. You can find the best glucometers satisfying your requirements after looking into features of each product.

Purchasing of the glucometer must be based on considering factors like accuracy, number of strips, storage capacity, price and many more. Select the product considering the functionalities, control your diabetes levels at normal rate.














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