15 Leaves that are Good for Diabetes

Health management during diabetes is a bit daunting task but all your troubles can be simplified with accurate knowledge. Once you rectify what all your body needs to fight the disease, you can speed up your recovery process and tackle your health issues with great ease.

Nearly, 1 million cases of deaths are reported as a result of diabetes worldwide. The most prominent factors responsible for this are lack of awareness and subsequent inheritance of appropriate measures within the right time to deal with the problem. As a result, the situation slips out of the fist.

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Diabetes requires long term medication, regular diagnosis, and maintenance of a perfectly balanced diet. It is extremely beneficial to switch on to some natural supplements which will boost up your diabetes management strategy. Apart from your regular basic medicines, you must acquire the advantages that some of the natural herbs and leaves offer you.

Why you need to know about ‘leaves that are good for Diabetes’ and their unparalleled benefits

Any natural product avoids the chances of side effects and other undesired outcomes. Further, they enhance up your body’s ability towards the remedial process.

If you are also looking out for some potent natural supplements to add up to your remediation, then today is a lucky day for you. We will get you covered up with the best information.

Let’s explore the complete array of leaves that prove to be a boon when it comes to lowering blood sugar and the prevention of diabetes, naturally.

1. Banaba leaves

The leaves of Banaba are loaded with triterpenoid glucose and other phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are primely responsible for healing up damaged insulin receptors of the body thereby lessening insulin resistance.

The efficacy of this plant is further improved due to the presence of corosolic acid and ellagitannins found in its leaf extracts which are known for having hyperglycemic effects and lower blood sugar. Besides, leaves also contain dietary fibers along with magnesium and zinc preventing obesity and weight gain.

Banaba leaves

2. Holy Basil leaves (Tulsi leaves)

Holy Basil, commonly called Tulsi is a tropical annual herb that grows up to 18 inches. Apart from its religious significance, it also acts as prodigious ayurvedic medicine and finds application in the treatment of several diseases.

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Juice of tulsi leaf extracts reliably helps in bringing down increased blood sugar levels. You can add it to your tea and other healthy juices to obtain remarkable benefits.

3. Leaves of Shatterstone

You may be knowing this plant more commonly by the name of Bahupatra or gulf leaf flower. Shatterstone is literally a weed belonging to the genus Phyllanthus. It is about 1½ feet tall with small yellow flowers. The leaf extracts of this plant decrease insulin resistance, prevent the rise of blood glucose after meals and diminish hemoglobin glycation.

It also helps to abolish all the excess glucose from the bloodstream by transporting it to the liver and increases the glycogen content in the liver. The leaves of Shatterstone contain essential chemicals that have liver-protecting, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hypoglycemic effects. It finds its most common application in terms of weight loss remedy.

Leaves of Shatterstone

4. Dandelion leaves

Dandelion is actually a weed but still it’s leaves have the potential of controlling blood sugar levels during diabetes by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin.

Data interpretations of the tests performed on diabetic mice unleash that dandelion leaves can successfully regulate blood sugar levels to the optimum range and keep a check on cholesterol levels too.

Chemical composition of leaves includes lactones, taraxacum, triterpenoids, pectins, potassium, tannins and beta carotene which are powerful enough to keep blood sugar within safe limits.


5. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are commonly used as garnishing ingredients for dishes in India and neighboring countries. People call it Kari Patta in the Hindi language.

Consuming curry leaves in case of diabetes has proven beneficial for the purpose of curtailing blood sugar levels. Not only this, extracts of the leaf are effective in regulating biochemical indices allied with diabetes as well as lowers oxidative stress developed during diabetes.

Oxidative stress is developed when there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals in the body and the body’s ability to detoxify those radicals. These radicals are reactive oxygen species that are produced as a result of excessive glucose. This means more is the level of glucose in your body, more are the chances for the generation of free radicals, hence more likely you become prone to oxidative stress.

6. Gumar leaves

Gumar leaves play a role similar to that of “sugar destroyer” and therefore is a must-have herb to include in your lifestyle if you are diabetic.

The magnificent properties of Gumar leaves enhance insulin activity and promote better utilization of glucose by body cells thereby diluting its amount in the bloodstream.


7. Collards leaves

Popular known as collard greens among Americans and kale in the Indian subcontinent. The leaves of collards are an edible and exhaustively rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

The presence of niacin in leaves is even more advantageous as it eliminates the threat of elevated blood sugar levels. Also, collards have a low glycemic index, particularly containing antioxidant “alpha-lipoic acid” which is enormously good at lowering blood glucose, increasing insulin sensitivity and keeps you off from the risk of developing numbness in case of chronic diabetes.

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8. Ivy gourd leaves

This is known by several names – Kovai, little gourd, baby watermelon, Tela Kucha and Tindola. These tropical plants are broadly used both as vegetable and household remedies. These leaves have the latency to cure miscellaneous diseases including diabetes, asthma, jaundice, leprosy, constipation and even sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea. Moreover, the leaves contain substances that are anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, antimutagenic, hepatoprotective, analgesic and what not.

9. Aloe Vera leaves

Although Aloe vera is popularly used as a skincare gel, many people might not be aware of its astonishing benefits for diabetes.

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The leaves of Aloe vera contain a sticky substance called “aloe”.The Aloe gel extracted from the inner portion of leaves contains a number of phytosterol compounds that have been isolated by researchers and these compounds are found to ameliorate blood sugar and glycosylate hemoglobin levels as observed by the experts.

So, from now onwards if you have got this amazing plant potted in house, you can exceed its use towards managing your diabetic health too besides your skincare.

10. Blueberry leaves

Blueberry is a medium-sized shrub belonging to the genus “Vaccinium” and bears edible berries. The leaves of this plant naturally monitor and lower blood sugar. Further, they help to minimize the eye-related disorders that arise due to diabetes and can tackle diabetic angiopathy.

Leaves are also found to be loaded with high chromium content but still a lot more research is needed to unlock the complete potential of this miraculous plant.

11. Mango leaves

You need to take precautions while eating mangoes during diabetes but mango leaves are going to behold you with unparalleled health benefits during elevated blood sugar levels. Mango leaves are found to be helpful in managing diabetes. Tannins present in leaves have the efficacy to treat pre-diabetes, cardiovascular and eye-related ailments.

Remember, its raw leaves are to be consumed and not the ripen ones. Either tear it in pieces and directly eat them or grind the plucked leaves into a fine powder after drying in sunlight to drink along with water.

12. Guava leaves

You will probably not throw guava leaves away next time after knowing their tremendous benefits for diabetes. The leaves contain a good amount of antioxidants, vitamin C, flavonoids, and Quercetin. Drinking tea made with soaked guava leaves will bring down you’re raised up blood sugar levels.

You can purchase readymade guava leaf tea wrapped in tea bags from the local stores and online sites, whichever you find more convenient.

13. Neem leaves

Neem is a tropical plant that grows immensely across India. It is an integral part of Indian Ayurvedic culture and used for curing several diseases and blights for long times. Leaves of this valuable plant have an abundance of flavonoids, glycosides and antiviral compounds.

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Studies find that neem is able to curb diabetic symptoms in non-insulin depends on diabetic patients too. As for the people with high blood sugar, it is a highly recommended herb which can definitely relieve you from the problem of a spike in blood sugar. Either chew the leaves or drink it with water and other juices you prefer for your diabetes routine.

14. Insulin leaves

Insulin leaves come with an eloquent amount of corosolic acid in them which has been reported to bring down blood sugar levels at rapid rates within 1 hour of its entry in body. It is the most preferred leaf to adopt during diabetes for this eminent reason.

Insulin leaves are scientifically termed as Costus igneus and are especially active in type 2 diabetes. It increases the activity of the pancreas making it produce more insulin to counterbalance the excessive glucose in the blood.

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15. Green leafy vegetables

All green leafy vegetables are greatly favorable considerations for better diabetes management because they provide our body with plenty of vitamin C which reduces inflammatory effects and rising blood sugar levels or high blood pressure. The best recommendations are spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce.

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Concluding words

Nature has blessed us with a variety of resources to a massive extent with the help of which we can triumphantly overcome all our hurdles. No matter how monstrous a particular disease may seem to be, we have got enough abilities and asses around us. One such asset is in the form of natural leaves which are going to boost up your healing process and treatment therapy for sure.

It’s always up to us how well we utilize those powerful resources of nature for our healthy well being. Therefore you must implement and involve these astounding leaves in your diabetic menu and get the essence of the countless benefits they bring. It is quite easy and simple to include these leaves in your diet as many if they are edible as such, you just need the courage to bear the awful bitter taste for a while but you can willing to do that for the sake of your good health, right?

The most convincing fact is that you can manage fabulous diabetic health without many efforts and there is no need of spending much money as well, that is something to think of! Natural products will never deceive you rather they are only going to lift up your health and ramp down your blood sugar.


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