10 Surprising Health Benefits of Kokum

Kokum juices are a famous delicacy and popular for their refreshing taste as well as many health benefits. The best part is that this is also a great food for anyone with blood sugar levels.

Kokum is a traditional fruit of the mangosteen family. It is a commonly enjoyed fruit in the Southern and Western parts of India. Kokum juice is a common drink.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Kokum

We discussed a few benefits of kokum and its consumption. Let us have a look at 10 such surprising advantages of having kokum:

  1. Kokum is a fruit that vitalizes the body with many quality nutrients. It has many anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, which protect the body from many and strengthens the immune system.
  1. Kokum is filled with many antioxidants and vitamin C that help the body fight against the free radicals that otherwise lead to an increase in oxidative stress that aggravates chronic diseases.
  1. Kokum helps in weight management by improving digestive functions and preventing extra cravings. It also helps to reduce the production and accumulation of fatty acids in the body. It overall functions as an anti-obesity catalyst.
  1. Kokum is excellent for the stomach as it helps with keeping away disorders such as – gastric ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, acidity, etc.
  1. It helps keep the body’s cholesterol levels under control by promoting good cholesterol and reducing quantities of bad cholesterol in the body.
  1. The anti-inflammatory properties of this fruit and the phenolic compound are great to prevent severe diseases like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc.
  1. Kokum juice is also said to fight against the bad effects of alcohol, thus strengthening the liver.
  1. The consumption of kokum is also related to the management of stress-related issues such as depression.
  1. Kokum is said to control aging and is good for the skin. Kokum oils and butter are common cosmetic ingredients for the same reason.
  1. Kokum juice is a cooling drink that prevents harsh heat in summers and keeps the body well-hydrated.

All parts of this fruit are said to be very beneficial and loaded with medicinal benefits.

Can we drink kokum juice daily?

Kokum juice can be consumed daily, but if you are a diabetic patient, then it is recommended to restrict kokum and its sherbet in moderate quantities. You can also restrain from consuming this juice daily. One glass serving every three or four times a week is a good as well as safe quantity.

Veggie causing Diabetes

Antioxidants are necessary for the overall good management of one’s health as they assist in fighting the free radicals in the body that caused internal diseases and chronic ailments.

This is more helpful for patients with diabetes as they are more vulnerable to developing such chronic diseases. The symptoms seen among diabetic patients tend to be more severe than those observed in non-diabetic patients. Thus, Kokum and its juice can help with keeping these problems under the table.

This juice is relished most during the summer season because of its cooling properties. However, it can be enjoyed in other seasons as well. But for diabetic patients, it is necessary to keep their blood sugar levels in mind first before they include kokum juices as a daily health drink.

Moreover, it is important to avoid sugary store-bought kokum juice. It has extra calories, carbohydrates, added preservatives, and other chemicals harmful to your overall health management.


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You can stick to making the kokum juice at home as it is a rather simple recipe. Please stick with us till the end to learn about a healthy and diabetic-safe kokum juice recipe to help your health.

For the best advice, you can even consult your doctors, who can suggest the right amount and limits according to your blood sugar levels.

Does Kokum help in weight loss?

Does Kokum help in weight loss

Kokum is known to be an effective for inducing weight loss. It has also been classified in Ayurveda to have anti-obesity effects on the body. Hence, including kokum by diabetic patients can have a positive effect on their overall health.

The presence of citric acid in this fruit supports the body in losing weight. This acid functions to decrease the production of fatty acids in the body.

Moreover, it is known to increase the release of serotonin in the body. This, in turn, helps to reduce the individual’s appetite, leading to the suppression of unplaced cravings that are a big reason for weight gain.

On top of that, kokum is also said to reduce carbohydrate metabolism. This gives rise to slower and better digestion of carbohydrates in the body, which does not immediately raise blood sugar levels and can further help promote weight loss. Thus, the kokum fruit is proven to be useful in managing body weight.

Having kokum helps in keeping you full and to prevent unnecessary cravings. Ayurveda has also claimed that eating kokum helps get rid of toxins from the body responsible for fat accumulation.

Kokum is also good for the stomach and prevents flatulence, constipation, indigestion, and acidity. These are important factors to consider while trying to keep the body weight within controlled numbers.

Promoting good metabolism in the body also helps keep the weight under normal margins as proper digestive functioning. Thus, as a diabetic patient, you can use kokum as a weight loss agent.

Is Kokum good for cholesterol?

Kokum also has cholesterol level lowering qualities that assist in protecting the heart. Moreover, the rind of kokum has hydroxy citric acid and garcinol that helps in keeping the levels of cholesterol under control.

Kokum has been claimed to be good for promoting heart health. It has cardio-protective properties that assist in keeping the heart free of diseases.

In addition to this, anti-inflammatory properties in kokum also prove to be very beneficial in fighting heart risks. Diabetic patients are more prone to heart diseases that can affect the overall well-being of a person. Including kokum in your diets rightly can encourage better management and also promote heart health.

Kokum has been studied to find out that it has cardio-tonic qualities that keep the levels of bad cholesterol low and prevent clogging in the arteries. On top of that, it is known to improve HDL levels, also known as good cholesterol, which promotes heart health.

Along with this, the quality of kokum to promote weight loss is also helpful for keeping the heart out of risks. Normal body weight supports overall good health and prevents the chances of developing heart risks.

Apart from this, kokum and its juice also have many other benefits discussed in the coming sections. But before that, let us look at some safety measures revolving around kokum juice and its consumption.

Can we drink kokum juice at night?

You can drink Kokum juice any time, irrespective of the time of the day.

However, it is daytime to keep the body satisfied, energetic, and hydrated throughout the day and help with daily activities.

To use it more efficiently, you can soak the whole kokum fruit overnight in water. The next morning you can extract the juice and even store it in the fridge for the upcoming few days.

Kokum is a refreshing drink that can be served anytime. This is best to be had in summers as it is a coolant that keeps the body hydrated and prevents the chances of suffering from heat strokes or fatigue during the daytime.

It is best to extract and make your kokum juice at home rather than buying it from the market for full benefits.

If you are a diabetic patient, make sure that you do not take kokum juice daily and stick to the limited low quantities to ensure no harm or risks to your health.

How to make kokum juice for diabetics?

Here is a healthy spicy kokum juice recipe for you.

Serving size – 4 serves


  • Soft kokum peels (6-7)
  • Sugar substitute (2 tsps.)
  • Green chili (2)
  • Chopped coriander
  • Salt


  1. Wash the peels of the fruit and add sugar, salt, and chilies. Pour in ½ cup water and mash it lightly with your hands.
  2. Pour 3 ½ cups of water and mix it.
  3. Refrigerate the drink for 2-3 hours and serve with chopped coriander garnishing.

Remember to have this drink in controlled amounts and not daily.


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