10 Low GI Indian Vegetarian Foods For Diabetes

Low GI Indian Vegetarian Foods For Diabetes are the perfect eating choice. For vegetarians, it’s a cherry on the cake when they find low glycemic index vegetarian foods that perfectly fit the diabetes routine.

Diabetes patients are always forced to follow a perfect diet advised by their physician otherwise they will have to suffer from the complications of the disease.

This condition increases the risk of heart diseases and affects the proper functioning of other body parts. Most of the beneficial elements are included in the chart with meat or egg but in the case of vegetarians, these elements should be obtained from the vegetarian foods they eat.

Numerous food items can be eaten by the vegans based on the glycemic index calculated as the measure of the carbohydrate content in the food.

The range of glycemic value is from 0 to 100, in this below 55 is the best choice that doesn’t spike the levels of glucose levels in the blood.

The fiber content in most of the food even helps to escape obesity by controlling the hunger cravings. Nutritional quality food is important for a healthy person to support the effective functioning of all body systems preventing diseases maximum.

Some of the foods that have the presence of beneficial elements in larger quantity with less glycemic index suiting the vegetarian diet are mentioned.

1.  Green leafy vegetables

 Green leafy vegetables

When a diabetes patient’s diet is considered, green leafy vegetables have an important role as it contributes to the elements required for a balanced diet.

Nutrition rich diet is always advised by health experts to people as it supports a healthy body without having the fear of getting overweight. The meals that have more portion of the leafy vegetables are beneficial to the person and control the food cravings thereby reducing the carbohydrate intake.

This is a low glycemic value food item that balances the blood sugar levels from rising uncontrollably. The anti-inflammation property of the food item also makes it important in the diet.

Heart health is highly supported by eating these green vegetables, commonly used types in our diet are spinach, kale, broccoli that are rich in calcium as well as vitamins.

The antioxidant richness of the food product is observed through the studies, this helps people to maintain their eye health by protecting from macular degeneration and cataract.

Moderate consumption of the leafy green vegetables at a regular pattern will be the best option for people to avoid the complications of diabetes.

2.  Chickpeas


This has become a common food due to its rich presence of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which promotes the overall well being of a person.

Veggie causing Diabetes

It has only a limited amount of calories but other essential elements are abundant that is the best suiting for a vegetarian diet. Protein and the fiber content in the food item tend to slow digestion that controls the appetite that reduces the calorie of food intake each time.

Weight control, bone health, and muscle strength are maintained by the proteins available in the chickpeas, essential amino acids are also present in the food item.

Blood sugar regulation is proven in many studies with the help of beneficial factors. The digestion is enhanced with the soluble fiber content present in the chickpeas.

Gut health is made better by increasing the number of healthy bacteria and unhealthy bacteria is prevented from growing. It helps to avoid the complications of diabetes like heart diseases, better to be included as a major part of your diet.

3.  Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

It is one of the best foods that can be added to your diet as it has the dense content of nutrients. This helps to keep the person healthy by balancing the necessary elements in the body.

Probiotics that are present in the yogurt helps to improve gut health, have effects on preventing diabetes and obesity. With the consumption of this food product, the blood sugar levels can be controlled as well as the body sensitivity to insulin is improved.

4 Best Diets

It is a low carbohydrate food with a low glycemic index, has a richness of the proteins and calcium. It supports the digestion process and can be consumed continuously so you can make it a part of a regular diet.

This food item is used as a less fat substitute to some of the elements commonly added to the dishes so it can replace some amount of carbohydrates from the food you eat daily.

4.  Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

This oil has become part of diabetes patients due to its low glycemic index and its ability to lower blood glucose levels. Studies have proven that the extra virgin olive oil helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body.

The insulin sensitivity of a patient can also be improved by adding this to your daily food items. The oil used commonly increasing the risk for diabetes patients can be replaced with these olive oils for the preparation of various dishes. It contains very little amount of carbohydrates but has a rich content of fatty acids.

This helps to reduce the inflammations in the body, also offers better health of the cardiovascular system. If you use this in the food preparations consumption of unwanted calories can be reduced to a great extent.

5.  Nuts


With the low glycemic score, nuts are considered to be the better option to complete a diet chart. Not only diabetes patient’s others can also eat this daily to stay healthy, it offers a good source of proteins.

It offers the diet to be more nutrient-rich and serves with the essential fatty acids. Oxidative stress leading to diabetes and heart diseases is reduced if you can add nuts to your daily food.

There are varieties of nuts that have various glycemic values but all have below 55. Fibers present in the nuts helps to slow down the digestion process which will help you in controlling the food cravings.

Blood pressure can be balanced to normal scale with this food item, calcium content supports muscular growth. Nuts in the everyday diet at moderate levels are healthy for people with all these health factors.

Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, and cashews are commonly used nuts with better health benefits.

6.  Berries


The richness of the beneficial elements makes berries a food item that can be eaten by people with diabetes. There are wide varieties of berries, it mostly has high fiber content that suppresses your food cravings.

It helps to overcome the obesity conditions by avoiding the intake of large amounts of carbohydrates through food. The low glycemic index of the food item reduces the blood glucose levels also improves insulin sensitivity.

Berries have a reduced quantity of calories but have a nutritional quality that is required for the overall well being of a person. Antioxidants present in this food product that protects the cells against the action of free radicals.

The user must be careful to use the fresh berries as the frozen, dried, or canned berries will have high calories due to the preservatives added during manufacturing.

7.  Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

Oranges, grapes, and lemons are the commonly used citrus fruits in the diets to benefit your health with essential factors. Fiber present in the fruit takes a long time to digest which gives time for the release of glucose into the blood which helps in the stabilizing of blood sugar levels.

The glycemic index value of the food item is less than 55 which makes it healthier for everyone as it doesn’t increase the diabetes condition. Metabolism rate is minimized along with digestion, vitamins, and some other factors also included in a diet with citrus fruits.

When we say that this can be eaten there is a tendency for people to prepare juice for drinking but it is always advisable to eat the fruit as a whole.

This low carbohydrate when made into juice has the chance of increasing glycemic values, so it should be included to be eaten as a fruit.

After consulting a health expert include this citrus fruit in your daily diet, you can see improvements with decreasing sugar levels in the blood and keeping you healthy.

8.  Corn


Every person requires energy factor and other essential elements in their diet to keep them healthy. Corn is recommended for diabetes patients as it has rich contents of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that support the proper functioning of body parts.

The Glycemic index of the corn is less but some of its products may have a medium level of a glycemic score, so the user should be careful while choosing the food item. It helps in minimizing the blood glucose level, also initiates to increase insulin sensitivity to reduce the diabetes risks in patients.

The digestion process is improved by the regular consumption of corn and the flavonoids in corn reduces the chance of chronic diseases. Obesity can be avoided as corn offers perfect food controlling the food cravings of the person by preventing eating more food than necessary.

You can add this food item to your diet after getting suggestions from the health expert regarding the quantity to be included.

9.   Oats


Low GI foods are advised to the people having diabetes as they do not spike their blood sugar levels from the normal value. Studies on this have brought the important effects obtained by including oats as a part of daily food habits.

It is the best option for a complete breakfast which keeps you feel full for a longer time preventing the intake of other carbohydrates in addition to the normal food. This is possible only due to the fiber content in the oats and it takes more time to digest.

The main concern of diabetes patients is their heart health, the soluble fiber in the oats protects your heart from risky conditions. It can be prepared easily, not much efforts get you food which can lower the cholesterol levels.

Add oats to your diet at a moderate level without using much of the sweetening agents that can affect health.

10. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

This will be the best part of the diet that attracts every chocolate lover as the dark chocolate has an only less glycemic index. Polyphenols present in this food item have the antioxidant property that prevents the body from encountering damages by harmful molecules.

It also supports insulin action on the body along with the lowering of blood sugar levels. Studies have proven that including dark chocolate in the diet helps the person from getting affected by diabetes.

But if they are already diabetes patients, adding this food product to their diet reduces the complications and decreases the blood glucose level.

Dark chocolate must be included in the diet at moderate, the user has to choose the right chocolate rather than going for higher sugar content product.

Final words

Diabetes is a common disease that is rapidly invading humans leading to certain complications affecting the other body systems. An increase in blood sugar levels is the reason for diabetes and even heart health deteriorates as a result of this condition.

The only way for balancing the rising sugar level in blood is to put control over the diet by eliminating some of the high carbohydrate food items. Calorie rich foods are unhealthy which leads to gaining weight uncontrollably also other health issues.

Fiber is required in the food we eat to slow down the digestion process giving time for the glucose release. Some elements in foods help to improve insulin sensitivity, muscle growth, eye health, and several health benefits, these should be added more to the diet.

There are several vegetarian foods recommended by medical experts after conducting studies for reducing diabetes levels. It can utilize in your diet at a moderate level as the over consumption of any element is not that good for the body.

Considering the glycemic scale as the reference a perfect diet must be designed for the diabetes patients that has all required minerals. Even people who are not having increasing blood glucose levels can follow a proper food habit to avoid getting affected by these diseases, to stay healthy eating nutritious foods.



Dr Sharon Baisil MD


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