Is Barley Good for Diabetics? (6 Health Benefits)

Is Barley Good for Diabetics (6 Heaalth Benefits)

Hordeum vulgare, commonly called Barley by the world and ‘jau’ in India. Barley is a member of the grass family and is one of the first grass to be cultivated. Nutty flavor, chewy, and punch of nutrition are the key attributes of Barley. It is available in several forms. You can buy Barley as grits, … Read more

Which Millet is Best for Diabetes? (with Glycemic Index)

Which Millet is Best for Diabetes (with Glycemic Index)

Millets are tiny grains with a hard outer covering of husk. They are easy to grow, mainly because they can flourish in less fertile soil and with water requirements. Jowar, Bajra, and Ragi have been the most popular millets of all time. The husk of these millets is easily digestible. It does not need to … Read more

Is Buttermilk Good for Diabetes? (7 Health Benefits)

Is Buttermilk Good for Diabetes? (7 Health Benefits)

Popularly referred to as chhaachh or lassi by native Indians, buttermilk is one of the products obtained from milk. It is a traditional drink in India which is being made in homes for ages. This healthy drink in India is prepared from the residual liquid of the milk that remains when the milk is churned … Read more

Can a Diabetic Eat Anjeer? (11 Health Benefits)

Can a Diabetic Eat Anjeer (11 Health Benefits)

Fig, popular by the name of anjeer among Indians, is a fruit consumed in fresh and dried form. Scientifically termed as Ficus carica, anjeer or common fig is no less than a wonder fruit. Superior in taste and nutrition, anjeer is blessed by mother nature with some remarkable health-boosting properties. Anjeer unarguably comes with multiple … Read more

Bajra Roti for Diabetes (7 Health Benefits)

Bajra Roti for Diabetes (7 Health Benefits)

Do you think whether bajra roti can lower sugar levels or not? Blow away all your worries as this article clarifies it all. Eating bajra fetches countless advantages. This wonderful whole grain can cure anemia, constipation, and even stomach ulcers. It is good for bone development and treating asthma too. Ever wondered that a simple … Read more

Carrot Juice and Diabetes (7 Benefits & 6 Alternatives)

Carrot Juice and Diabetes 7 Benefits and 6 Alternatives

Juices are generally considered unhealthy for diabetics. However, consuming homemade juices squeezed out of fruits having low GI is a good practice, but to a limited extent. Have you ever tried or wanted to try carrot juice for diabetes? Carrot juice comes with many health perks. But again, like every time, you are stuck over … Read more

Fasting Sugar Test (FBS) – How Many Hours of Fasting is Ideal?

Fasting Sugar Test (FBS) – How Many Hours of Fasting is Ideal

Most of the diabetes test requires fasting. One such test is the fasting blood sugar test(FBS). It indicates whether the person has acquired diabetes or not. It also dictates the possibility of the person acquiring the disease. However, some tests can be done without having to undergo any fasting period. How many Hours of Fasting … Read more